March 11 I 13 - 2021 Arezzo Exhibition Center



From woods to fireplace
Arezzo Exhibition Centre • 11 to 13 March 2021

ITALIA LEGNO ENERGIA Exhibition is organized by Piemmeti SpA on behalf of VeronaFiere.
The Event is promoted by Progetto Fuoco and focused on the energy supply chain, “From wood to fireplace” features the most modern and innovative technological solutions cogeneration agroforestry biomass-fuelled heating.

Why Arezzo Exhibition Centre?
Central Italy is a territory rich in woods and forests resources, Tuscany has one of the largest forest area in Italy.  Italia Legno Energia is the showcase of the most widespread  renewable source of energy: wood biomass.

The exhibition is supported by the Public Administrations and the Trade Associations to encourage the use of “wood energy” through modern technology solutions, from domestic/business use,  to the civil and industrial ones.

The Italian Agroforestry  Energy Association (AIEL) is Piemmeti’s prestigious technical partner in the organization of italia Legno Energia conventions and workshops, led by a panel of experts and opinion leaders of the sector. Professionals can benefit from the training, information and updates during the exhibition.
ITALIA LEGNO ENERGIA will be a flagship Italian event for the industry in 2021.

Facts & Figures last edition (2019)

          • 25.000 square metres of exhibition area
          • 18.000 Visitors (buyers and consumers)
          • 183 Exhibitors

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