Italia Legno Energia 2019: the data of the 3rd edition

The Visitors

The third edition of Italia Legno Energia ended with the presence of 18,611 visitors (compared to 18,164 of the 2017 edition). 13,266 professional visitors (71.2% of the total compared to 11,780 in 2017), and 5,345 consumers (compared to 7,520 in 2017) attended the show.

6,104 visitors on Friday March 22nd (5,204 in 2017), 6,792 visitors on Saturday March 23 (6,192 in 2017),  and 5,715 on Sunday March 24 (6,768 in 2017).

Statistics on professional visitors coming from Italian regions

20% of visitors came from Tuscany (24% in 2017), mainly from the provinces of Arezzo and Florence. 12% of visitors came from Campania, 11% from Lazio and the rest from all the other Italian regions. 5% of the visitors came from abroad, mainly from Eastern European countries.

With good approximation, we can say that 44% of professional visitors belong to the retailers/dealers category (a quarter of which selling pellets), 18% are agents and wholesalers, 16% are installers, 12% professionals (technical offices, designers, architects), 10% are producers not attending as exhibitors.


182 exhibitors attended the show, 144 as direct exhibitors and 38 as represented companies. 35 foreign exhibitors from 12 different countries were present, mainly from Austria. Italian exhibitors came mainly from the Veneto region (31), from Tuscany (12) and Emilia Romagna (11). Altogether the exhibitors come from 16 different Regions and 48 different Provinces.

The conferences

The program of conferences and conventions scheduled 10 events. The conference program was planned by AIEL (technical partner of Italia Legno Energia), Assocosma, Anfus and Risorsa Legno.

All these associations, together with Piemmeti, are promoting the communication campaign “Italy renews” to promote the use of wood energy: during Italy Legno Energia a discussion was held with representatives of the Economic Categories and Institutions (the whole video of the conference is available on the website

The 4th edition will take place from Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th March 2021.